Ofri Grynbaum

With many years of experience in education as both an educator and as a pedagogical director in a variety of institutions, public and private, with children of different ages and in several languages – Hebrew, Arabic, French, and English. I am today dedicated to the work accompanying the  behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal development of girls and boys through processes, short and long, of conversations with parents.

Graduated from studies in psychology, sociology, and multidisciplinary art (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) as well as training in the fields of non-violent communication and mediation. Fluent in Hebrew, English, and French.

In my perception of education, I believe, first and foremost, in a relationship in which deep observation of children and honest and courageous coping with their (and their parent's) difficulties enables the creation of necessary conditions for their development.

It is my great belief that with respect, openness, and generosity between parents and children, it is possible to gain profound educational achievements and create a solid foundation for your children's strength in their own path in this world.